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Our Industrial IoT  Solution has been developed to allow industries to manage elements in their manufacturing environment that have previously been out of reach. Using a wireless mesh data aggregator and multiple smart meters, we monitor and collect a variety of environmental and instrumental measurements to give you a comprehensive overview of your facility.

All this data is then made available to you through our custom cloud-based application, where you can get an overview of the practical state of your production environment, and drill down to individual sensors. Alerts can also be set up at specific thresholds, and our application supports custom reporting to make sure that you can easily measure the metrics that matter most.


Strategic overview of your environment


Up-to-the-minute measurements


Allows for flexible and instant decision-making


Improves efficiency and safety, and reduces wastage costs


Enables preventative maintenance


Temperature Sensors

These sensors are perfect for monitoring ambient temperatures around the sensors physical location. User customization allows you to set the frequency of readings and the ability to set thresholds for alerts via SMS text and/or email.


Thermocouple Sensors

The hardwired thermocouple option measures temperatures up to 400°C. The K-type connector with Probe includes a needle probe that measures temperatures up to 400°C. The sensor is programmed to sleep for a user-given time interval (heartbeat) and then wakeup, send power to the thermocouple and wait for it to stabilize, and convert the analog data, mathematically compute the temperature and transmit the data to the gateway.


Water Rope Sensors

Water Rope Sensor detects conductive liquids anywhere along the length of the detection rope by using two wires covered with conducting polymer. When water or conductive liquid contacts the rope, the sensor will immediately turn on the RF radio and transmit the data.


Humidity Sensor

Humidity sensors allow you to monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure. Ideal for monitoring humidity within greenhouses, industrial spaces, museums, saunas and humidors. They can also be used for residential applications such as controlling mold, mildew or dust mites.


Water Detect Sensors

Water sensors alert you via SMS text and/or email when there is water detected, preventing potential property damage that results from flooding or leaks. Place this sensor anywhere flooding or faulty plumbing could cause a problem. This sensor can also be used to detect a lack of water, allowing you to know when a container is nearing empty.


Open/Closed Sensors

Open/closed sensors provide information on the status of doors, windows, cabinets, etc. Know if a building or area is being accessed when it should not be, or if a door or window has been left open.


Current Sensors

Current sensors measure current flow to or from any AC/DC power source, and feature programmable range management. They can also link to relays and other switches to (for example) shut off power when required.


Load Cell Sensors

These sensors measure weight, for example when used in forklifts, fridge trays, loading bays and more.


CO2 Gas Sensor

Imminent danger of CO poisoning is a growing concern in the care for elderly, child and immuno-compromised individuals. Our carbon monoxide sensor allows you to monitor the level of carbon monoxide (CO) gas in the surrounding air.


Dry Contact Sensors

Dry contact sensors can be used to detect contact between two wired contact points. This sensor can be used with an external mechanical switch or a contact plate to alert the user via SMS text and/or email when the contacts touch or a switch is triggered.


Grains per Pound Sensors

Grains per pound sensors measure the mass in grains of H2O in otherwise dry air. This sensor uses a calibrated humidity sensor to obtain the absolute humidity at the current temperature and converts that value into the Grains per Pound measurement displayed.


Vehicle Detection Sensors

Vehicle detection sensors can be used in a host of applications where detecting vehicle presence or motion is needed.


Asset Sensors

The sensor can be used to determine if an asset is removed from the premises and send notifications via SMS text, email or voice call to alert the user.


Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid level sensors use a solid-state, resistance sensitive ribbon sensor to measure the level of a liquid in a container. Get accurate results without the hassle.


Sound Sensors

Sound sensors measure decibels and can be programmed to detect specific sounds or noises over a certain volume. This can be useful for linking music volume to increased beverage sales, or detecting breaking windows or gunshots.


Ambient Temperature Sensors

Ambient temperature sensors measure the ambient temperature around the device, either indoors or outdoors.


Light Sensors

This sensors measures light or the absence thereof, useful to detect container or warehouse doors opening during a theft.

All sensors can be integrated into a camera system (still or video), allowing linking of sensors to visual events and triggers.

Additionally, all our technology can make use of our LoRa (Long Range) Wireless technology, allowing up to 500 sensor units to connect to one aggregator with a 3km range. This technology has both battery and AC power options, and can determine distance through signal strength tracking.

When using 2 or more aggregators, this technology can also provide for tracking via LBS services.

How It Works

Our Industrial IoT solution consists of a custom designed and built aggregator telemetry device transmits data into our cloud application. This aggregator is fed from up to 500 smart devices that can connect to any digital or analog flowmeter, as well as a wide range of sensors – including temperature sensors, humidity sensors, leak detectors and more.


All Our IoT Solutions

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A smarter home, for a smarter life.


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