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Passive Tracking

Through our partnership with the MITAS group we have access to a range of marking, scanning and vision systems to enable product tracking through the product lifecycle.

The value of this product offering is as follows:

  • We supply all the equipment to be able to Print, Laser, Label. All technologies are internationally deployed and of high quality
  • Globally competitive pricing
  • Enablement of new cutting-edge marketing capabilities as well as dark marketing capabilities.

Marketing departments in the consumer goods industry has to date only had traditional promotional capabilities. Our solution enables a new solution that allow the brand teams to interact directly with the consumer. The result will be a drastic improvement in adoption and interaction, while reducing the overall marketing spend.

Marking of any material used during the manufacturing process using the following technologies

  • Laser
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Pin Stamping
  • DNA additives

These codes are globally unique codes that can be applied at any line speed to products and containers. This is the foundation of a complete Track and Trace solution.

These codes are globally used for Digital Tax stamping and we have redeployed the codes to act as a secure promotional engine that will allow brand owners to do the following

  • Activate promotions on the fly
  • Track consumption patterns through active consumer engagement
  • Geo-fence outlets for activation purposes
  • Communicate brand information directly to the consumer based on their individual preferences
  • Real-time research
  • Consumer engagement through gamification.
  • Note: this technology allows for the following additional application
    • Brand Protection
    • Digital Tax Stamping
    • Anti-Counterfeit

We offer a full range of RFID technologies (Labels/Scanners) to activate proximity-based tracking and stock management.


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