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SmartDraught is a complete flow-monitoring and asset management solution for the beverage industry providing for total control of the product, from the filling of the keg, transport to outlets, installation in the keg room, down the line to the patron’s glass – and everything in-between.

Taking advantage of Big Data technologies, each step in the process can be tracked, measured and recorded through our custom online dashboard for granular and more informed decision-making.

Lessen wastage, reduce inaccuracies, and increase profit margins through hands-on, real-time monitoring.

Fast Data

Instant, real-time monitoring and extensive reporting

Make Decisions

Allows for accurate usage forecasting


Simple reconciliation between inventory, point-of-sale and your accounts


Makes quality control part of your business model


Simplifies keg and glassware management

Process Control

Creates an unbreakable chain of accountability between manufacturer and outlet owner

How It Works

Through the combination of flow-control, asset tracking, temperature monitoring and cutting edge IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, we monitor and measure every litre of beer in the keg, including how it reached you, what temperature it was stored at, how it was poured, and how much of went down the drain.

Each keg is tracked with a unique code, and at installation time is linked to your custom dashboard through the beer line, allowing you to view in real-time how much beer is being poured and how much wasted, the temperature of that beer, popular times and days, estimated sales volumes and how much remains in the keg. You can even remotely trigger line cleaning!


All Our IoT Solutions

We provide a number of IoT solutions.


Take control of your draught volume

Connected Restaurant

Time to take control of your restaurants assets


Improve your fuel efficiency and eliminate theft

Passive Tracking

A range of marking, scanning and vision systems to enable product tracking through the product lifecycle


Prevent losses and damage during the delivery process

Industrial IoT

Manage the production environment

Weapons Tracking

Improve the manageability of weapons.

Smart Water

If you can measure your water consumption, you can manage it.

Fridge Monitoring

Monitor your fridge’s running temperature, usage and maintenance.

Asset Tracking

Customised tracking solutions.



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