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SmartFuel isn’t your regular fleet management system. Incorporating our world-class tracking and IoT technologies, we put granular control and monitoring of your vehicles directly into your hands. Besides vehicle tracking and driver management, SmartFuel also monitors fuel usage and loads, provides sensor-based incident alerts and data-gathering, implements geofencing with safe engine shut-offs, and even tracks container loads.

SmartFuel gives transport companies, car rental agencies and vehicle manufacturers piece of mind and total control of their data through an extensive, customisable online dashboard.


Fuel monitoring and management


Vehicle and container tracking

Loss Prevention

Lock and engine control


GPS-based geographical monitoring to prevent unauthorised usage or theft


Accident reporting, including environmental data

How It Works

By digitally tracking the amount of fuel that is added and used by a vehicle we safeguard your business from high fuel costs and losses.

Using state of the art technology we incorporate environmental factors such as altitude, wind speed and air pressure and link them to your driver behaviour. This will calculate fuel efficiency on route and give you the ability to manage your routes better.


All Our IoT Solutions

We provide a number of IoT solutions.


Take control of your draught volume

Connected Restaurant

Time to take control of your restaurants assets


Improve your fuel efficiency and eliminate theft

Passive Tracking

A range of marking, scanning and vision systems to enable product tracking through the product lifecycle


Prevent losses and damage during the delivery process

Industrial IoT

Manage the production environment

Weapons Tracking

Improve the manageability of weapons.

Smart Water

If you can measure your water consumption, you can manage it.

Fridge Monitoring

Monitor your fridge’s running temperature, usage and maintenance.

Asset Tracking

Customised tracking solutions.



A smarter home, for a smarter life.


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