What does the future hold for ambient computing?

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What does the future hold for ambient computing?

The ability to predict equipment failure based on intelligent sensors and algorithms enables significant improvements in inventory management, cost control and resource availability, not to mention the ability to increase safety by preventing failures. The integration of data, analysis, intelligence, process integration and reporting is key to implementing IoT systems. Yet, human intervention and decisions are still required today. Could these diverse systems intelligently communicate without human intervention?

Yes, this can happen … with the right help.

Essentially, we have the technology to do this today. Emerging 5G networks and other networking technology will enable these systems to scale across many millions of devices that will exist in an operational scenario. Business analysts can translate the current process environment into the next-generation automated workflow. However, enterprises first need to understand the value of integrating vertical systems in order to drive implementation of these scenarios and realize the vision of ambient computing.

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